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<b>MMORPG The Chronicles of Spellborn</b> - <i>"What lies hidden must be found"</i> is currently under development by Khaeon Games. Release is planned for first half of 2006.

<i>"The Chronicles of Spellborn start after the conflict most fantasy stories end with: the final battle between the forces of good and evil. The forces of good have overcome and destroyed their evil adversary and the world is left in the hands of the (human) survivors."</i>

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<i>"A vast nebula of dead magic: a disc-shaped cloud that holds thousands of Shardrealms. These worlds orbit the small focal point of a gigantic corona, expanding outwards in uncounted rings. In the centre - the first ring - a new civilization has been founded by the survivors of the war that destroyed the Ancestor World. They call the ruined universe that surrounds them "Deadspell".

Players travel through the Deadspell and its dangerous Storms on large Shard Ships. These vessels are crafted from the rocks and magical stones called "liftstone", the materials that actually keep the ships in the air."</i>

For more information about the game, visit their <a href=" " target="_blank">official site</a>, check <a href=" " target="_blank">our gallery</a> or download first official trailer in <a href="index.php?sekce=downloads&soubor=4" target="_blank">Low-res version</a> or <a href=" index.php?sekce=downloads&soubor=5" target="_blank">High-res version</a>. You can also <a href=" " target="_blank">join their Beta</a>.


Beginning of this century is full of new MMOs. They are about anything and trying to involve everyone... so we're asking - what new, original and great will introduce THIS game? Is it one of many, or one of the best?

<b> is asking developers....</b>

<b>Dargnon</b>: Greetings. I know you won't use traditional fantasy concept with elves, dwarves and so on. TCoS is fantasy, but inspired by old Swords and Sorcery worlds. I agree, elves are boring, maybe interesting in LoTR but not when you must face them in every online game. So, what races will be available for player characters? You've already announced Humans and special Squirrels.
And what abilities will be uniqe for every race (or every type of Human race) ?.

<b>Corwynn</b>: <i>We have Humans and Daevi as our two playable races. They will be relatively similar in most respects. They will have clear differences in their "looks" as well as their "background"... Daevi are humanoid, and have a very different history than that of their human companions. The Squirrels remain top secret but i can reveal that you may surprisingly become one of them when you advance to level high enough...</i>

<b>Q#2</b>: As in almost every MMO, there is Combat system and some type of Social system, including guilds. Can you tell us something interesting about your Combat system and about Skill decks?

<b>A#2</b>: <i>We offer the opportunity to engage in combat as individuals or groups. We also offer the chance to partake in PvE and PvP combat. There are permutations of this available, so combat has something to suit everyone in TCoS. While you may spend an hour or so running around on your own but then you may join guildmates to tackle an Ancestral Quest. The next day you might find yourself fighting with the forces of your House in order to secure control of a new shard.

The Skill-deck system is similar to some which exist on other MMOs, however it allows a greater degree of customization and individuality than the majority of systems presently available. It is our intention to allow players a great deal of freedom in selecting their skills. They will then be able to choose HOW they wish to fight (determining which order they utilize skills for example) instead of always ramming the same 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 keys each battle. Combat will reward those who pay attention and fight with knowledge of their character.</i>

<b>Q#3</b>: What in-game content do you offer in Social sphere? When player joins one of five Houses, what content is available to him? Is there enough of high-end social content for experienced players on high/max combat level?

<b>A#3</b>: <i>As in any other MMORPG we will deliver high level quests. These will be available to individuals as well as groups. It is our goal to regularly provide new content as time goes on (we focus on exploration and discovery of knowledge, it only makes sense to add content frequently) which will regularly challenge players.

We will have a system of House politics in which you may learn and grow within the confines of the House itself as well as the ruling body of the Enclave. This will allow those players interested in forming alliances and influencing the world a chance to really make an impact.

Other high end social content includes: Shard Conquest (for medium and high level characters), Ancestral Quests (some of which will definitely be intended for powerful characters), Guild Competitions (allowing control over shops), and Personal Statues (awarded to players who excel at various levels in different aspects of the game.)</i>

<b>Q#4</b>: In far reaches of the game world, there is often problem to get game like this, and if you get it, it may be already weeks after release. So, do you consider offering digital download of the full game? Or do you accept lose of interested players because of bad distribution?

<b>A#4</b>: <i>It's difficult to judge what "bad distribution" is. While there may be a few people interested in a game in a specific region, the costs of stocking stores can be very prohibitive. As you have mentioned, digital download offers a possible alternative to this.

One downside to digital downloads is the fact that you may then lose some of your "force" in getting those boxes on store shelves. Without that presence, some people (those who don't visit internet sites for example) may never discover a game that could be really wonderful for them as well!

We are currently talking with several distributors. So there has been no decision regarding what we can do and will do. As soon as we have more news about distribution both digital and retail we will let you know.</i>

<b>Q#5</b>: RPG is about playing character and customizing it. But sometimes, unexperienced player does wrong decision when choosing race, skills or abilities. Later in game he can be really frustrated about wrong decisions he made on low levels, he may (from my personal experience) even start new character or stop playing the game. Do you plan some sort of re-assigning chosen abilities, stats etc. ?

<b>A#5</b>: <i>There will be a period of time at the beginning of a character's carreer where they will be free to experiment with possibilities. After a short "introduction", they will be able to make clearer decisions about how they want to play. This results in a definite class, and in specific skills being chosen. We are dedicated to making the system work as easily as possible, and in not allowing characters to permanently cripple themselves through making poor choices.</i>

<b>Q#6</b>: Do you have any special plans for expansions? Like flying "space ship", getting apprentice for your main character... ?

<b>A#6</b>:<i> At this moment the whole team is focusing on getting the game ready for release in Q2 next year.
We will definitely have updates, but at this moment is too early to discuss features in any update. We have not even revealed all of our base features yet!

Our Community Management team and the rest of the devs will be keeping a close watch on our forums as well as other sites around the world. The search for new ideas is ongoing!</i>

<b>Dargnon</b>: Thank you for your time. And of course, good luck in developing another, better virtual world!

Czech gamers interested in this world, stay tuned on for more news...

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