Únor 2008

Why am i blogging

17. února 2008 v 16:48 | Dargnon |  DARVIZ MAIN
Computers and Internet have enourmous impact on my live. On the internet, i can easily find the most entertaining, simple and accesible activities. Basically, my "real life" and it's possibilities can hardly compete with my online live. This time iam not going to discuss the positive or negative effects of this, iam just going to find out why do i have my own online blog.

First, my online activities are getting richer and richer every day. At some point, i have found out that i need some medium to store and archive some products of my internet being.

Second, it is finally ONLY MINE (almost) place and space. I can do with it whatever i want, because the possibilities of Blog.cz are rich enough to please almost all of my needs.

And third, its simple, fast and effective.

I need reliable and accessible medium with simple interface and controls, but allowing for customizations.

Blog is what i need.

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11. února 2008 v 21:31 | Dargnon